We have made it our goal to provide the best possible atmosphere for students as they learn how to fly. Our facility is comfortable and casual, yet professional. My staff and I encourage students and potential students to spend as much time as they need in our training areas. They are always free to use our lounge and study area or take practice tests on a computer at any time, free of charge.

Glacier is not a large “factory” school dependent on quantity. We are a mid-size school focused on quality. This allows me to get to know all of our students, not only on a professional level, but on a personal level too.

Another benefit of a smaller school is that I can personally provide job placement assistance to every new CFI who graduates from Glacier with a motivated, professional attitude. With two convenient locations in Washington State, placing pilots in jobs within our own company is very promising. In fact, most of our current pilots and instructors are former Glacier students.

Additionally, my unique flight training program offers some extra conveniences not normally seen at other schools. These include subsidized housing, courtesy transportation, and 100% financing available. We also assist students in finding part-time or full-time employment while attending our school, if they wish.

Please feel free to visit our “Contact Us” page or call any time to talk to me, an instructor, or even a student, to get a different perspective about what Glacier Aviation can do for you. I hope to see you flying soon!