Hello! I am Mike Thielen, President of Glacier Aviation, Inc. I would like to tell you a little bit about the aviation industry and what my company is doing to make it better.

As you may know, the pilot shortage around the United States is very real, particularly in helicopters. Pilots trained for Vietnam and other conflicts are aging and retiring from aviation careers. Therefore, companies are having trouble finding pilots who have the training and skills they require.

That’s where Glacier comes in. At Glacier, the unique flight training program not only teaches students how to fly, it gives them the training they need to find a job in the industry. From private to commercial, certified flight instructor (CFI) to instrument ratings, all pilots will get what they need from our top-notch instructors. Glacier also has an FAA examiner on staff to make check rides hassle free. We are an FAA Lasergrade written test center.

Since my instructors are experienced in all types of flying, it allows us to offer training for all types of flying. In addition to earning your licenses and ratings, you will learn how to perform some exciting real-life flying skills. At Glacier we give you practical flying experience. In order to provide such a wide range of training, a variety of aircraft are required. That is why the Glacier helicopter fleet includes the Robinson R22, R44, and MD 500. The Glacier airplane fleet includes the Cessna 152 and 172/172RG, and our new Piper Warrior II low wing aircraft.

Besides the different aircraft, Glacier also offers a variety of terrain and weather conditions due to its location. Western Washington is gifted with mountains, rivers, and forests. We don’t just simulate adverse conditions on the airport. Our instructors actually take their students to the local snowy areas, river beds, and logging roads, which are within minutes of the flight school. This allows our students to get the practical experience they need to be the most marketable in the industry.