Ground Training


Ground school instruction is a major and crucial aspect of a pilot’s training.

At Glacier Aviation we view ground school as too important to be done in a group session. We offer students personal, one-on-one classes with professional certified instructors for the private pilot, commercial, instrument and certified flight instructor courses.

These classes are self-paced and arranged according to each student’s individual schedule. If you are a student needing to transfer from another flight school, we can resume your instruction from your current level of training, saving you time and money. Our instructors are well equipped with lesson plans and course outlines and understand that every class is kept confidential between the student and the instructor.

Our ground school instruction is led by our Chief Instructor Mike Murphy who has over 15,000 hours as a ground school instructor. We have all the books and supplies necessary for ground instruction instantly available on site for whenever they are needed.

Our goal at Glacier Aviation is not only to teach our students how to pass the necessary tests, but also to equip them in everything they need to know to make them a safe and competent aviator.